May 2008 on Opereysin

May 2008 on Opereysin

Here is a list of our posts published in May 2008:

1st May: Victory wrote a post about how to be rich by selling an unusual but useless watch. [link]

3rd May: Amnesya hints (from level 21 to 40). Written by Victory. [link]

4th May: Opereysin wrote the 3rd chapter of his story named “Faili Mechul”. [link]

5th May: An unknown fact about scorpion’s suicides. [link]

6th May: A research post about agoraphobia. Written by Victory. [link]

9th May: A post about how you can understand if you are racist. [link]

10th May: Google Translate adds new languages but Turkish. Victory asks “Why?”. [link]

12th May: A research post about Florance Nightingale by Victory. [link]

15th May: A very good Firefox application noticed by Opereysin. [link]

17th May: Many programmers say “I am using zebra style for charts, because it’s easier to read”. Is it really easier? [link]

18th May: Victory wrote a post about the society pressure in the Internet. [link]

20th May: A research post about color blindness. [link]

23rd May: A post about returning to the old practice, written by Ayse Gokturk Tunceroglu a successful columnist of Turkiye Newspaper. [link]

24th May: A sentimental post by Victory. [link]

25th May: 10 rules for healty foods. Written by Victory. [link]

26th May: A research post about claustrophobia. [link]

28th May: Victory found out some better ways to improve SEO. [link]

31st May: Opereysin wrote an announcement post about the new AdSense feature of FeedBurner. [link]

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