An Interview with Robert Small

For the past two years, our Röportajlar (Interviews) category has been silent. Today, we have published an interview with Robert Small, the founder of Miniclip, leading online gaming web-site. It wasn’t our original interview. We have translated the interview of .net Magazine.

The interview reveals main steps of new design process of Miniclip. Robert Small describes how Miniclip started, what is their future plans and also answers a question about what is his favourite game of Miniclip.

I want to have your attention to the starting point: How Miniclip started?

Robert Small says, “We knew that as people’s lives got busier, and broadband penetration increased, people would expect easily accessible bit-sized entertainment on demand.”

When we are exploring a successful web project, we always hear sentences like “I knew…, I noticed…”, all mentioning their successful precognitions. Everytime, we say, a good web project starts with a good idea.

At that point, maybe we can say, a good web project always starts with a correct understand of an incompetence of web.

If you feel that something goes wrong, people wants something new, there is a gap in some place of web; don’t thing too much, just do a project to solve the problem.

If you don’t solve it as soon as you can, you may be sad.

Because, someone from somewhere, searching for that problem too.

And, be advised, he is really fast!

You can read the original interview of .net Magazine here.
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