Missing Life

Missing Life

Your tea has gone cold. Look, you’ve missed it again. You’ve lost the life’s rhythm one more time. Now either you will drink that tea cold, which nobody likes and nobody should, or you will pour it to the sink.

No matter which one you choose, you are the one who lost.

And that’s the summary of your life, right? Wasting life thinking you are waiting for the right moment. Losing the flower of your youth, without doing something, anything.

That is not idleness, that is not laziness. That is a genocide. Aren’t you the one who systematically destruct the race named “youth” of the country named “life”, with the chemical weapons which you called hope and imagination?

Of course you will defend yourself with a pathetic question like “Is imagination a crime too?”, like always. “Hope is the thing with feathers” you will say heartily.

And then, you will utter aphorisms from a book you have freed from a small bookshop in Taksim 1, which has been written by a tacky writer, and horribly translated by a cheap publisher. You will utter quotes you have memorized, which fool you with the illusion of a more important and valuable self.

No boy. Imagination is not a crime. Hoping isn’t too.

But you imagine a train that will take you to a happy future. You hope that this train will pass right in front of you, and you hope someone on that train will take your hand and pull you up.

But what about the train? Do you see one? Of course you don’t! There is not even a railroad in your mind desert that you are captivated, don’t you know?

Realize that: If you won’t start working, instead of waiting; things you imagine will never come true.

If you don’t add a train station and some railroads to your mind, that train will never come to you.

1: A main transportation hub and a popular destination in Istanbul.

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