June 2008 on Opereysin

Here is a list of our posts published in June 2008:

1st June: Victory wrote a post about Firefox 3’s upcoming Guiness World Record attempt. [link]

3rd June: Victory points out Adobe’s new Acrobat.com. Also mentions Adobe 9 with Flash Player. [link]

5th June: A useful post about how to separate comments and trackbacks in WordPress. [link]

7th June: A post about a tragicomical museum heist in Canada, written by Victory . [link]

8th June: A criticism on Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu (Valley of the Wolves: Ambush), one of the most popular TV series in Turkey, by Seyyah-i Fakir. [link]

10th June: History of funerals, a fascinating article from successful writer Ahmet Sarbay’s Geçmişe Mazi Derler. [link]

13th June: A clarifying post about ReCaptcha by Victory. [link]

15th June: Opereysin wrote the 4th chapter of his story named “Faili Mechul”. [link]

15th June: OSS (Student Selection Examination) 2008’s Questions and Answers. [link]

17th June: A post reminding Firefox 3’s Download Day 2008. [link]

18th June: Victory wrote about Photobucket’s mysterious shut down. Mentioning that there are proofs of a hacking attempt, but Photobucket didn’t accep it. They are talking about a temporary failure on a DNS server. [link]

20th June: A cartoon named Phone by Opereysin. [link]

24th June: A how-to post by Victory, about Firefox 3’s new full screen mode. [link]

28th June: Victory wrote a post about some of the weirdest Anti-terrorism patents of USA. [link]

29th June: Victory wrote a post about a WW II fact named “Winning a war with the aid of Monopoly”. [link]

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