Ten quick ways to more visitors for blogs

Ten quick ways to more visitors for blogs

Computer User1) SOCIALIZATION: Blogging is a branch of social networking. So, be social. Visit other blogs. Comment their posts and earn friendships. Blog owners will love you soon and add you to their friend lists. Send e-mails to top blogs of your country. Tell them you have established a web site and ask them to link you. Some of them will reply.

2) CONTENT: Content. Good content. In your first month do your best. Select the best content, write most effective titles. It’s hard to like a blog without a rich content and in the first month, it’s hardest. If they like the way you write, they will knock your door again.

3) FORUMS: Again, socialize. This time, go to the best forums which you have an account. If you want a big effect, you must be their regular user. Say them you have established a blog and you are waiting their comments about it.

P.S: If you have built your blog on WordPress and uploaded a theme by another guy, don’t try that please. they won’t love you.

P.S 2: After you have a rich content, you can think to present it, even your blog is WP and the theme isn’t yours. There is a difference this time, you got it!

4) NOT SPAM: Don’t try, never try, never ever try to send SPAM mails. It was a good type of advertising in the first years of internet, but it’s not now. Mail companies can easily filter your mails and believe me, no one reads the mails in the Junk Mail box.

5) SEARCH QUERIES: Select the popular words. Google can help you. For example, if Morgan Freeman has performed in a new film, the “Morgan Freeman” search query may be popular these days. Write a post about it. This will help you to follow the popular matters and will help you to take better income of visitors.

If you want to feel this effect more, be foresighted. Find search queries which can be popular someday and settle to the first place.

6) INTERACTION: Give your visitors a chance to act your play! Tell them they can be the writers of your blog, say them you will brush your teeth if they vote your poll. Imagination guys!.. This is interaction.

7) PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: If you want to have regular visitors, write about personal development. Experts would be angry of these words but personal development is a popular field these days and nobody is controlling what you are saying.

8) BE A WISE MAN: Your visitors are your blog’s value. Help them, answer their questions, hear their voices. Make them think you as a never sleeping and never working wise man, helping people with a smile in his face, just waiting someone to help. Of course you are not that type of man but people love to see utopian heroes. Be their hero.

9) MAKE IT CLEAR: Write clear but don’t write so complicated or so simple. If only postgraduated visitors can understand your words, it’s really bad; but don’t try to be understood by a 7-year-old-boy (Anyway they can easily understand what you’re talking about, they are tech boys man, not 70’s children).

10) IMAGES: Use images. Interesting or aesthetic photos used in your posts, related to the content would leave a good impression on your visitors.

10+) Do all of them together to get much more visitors. The most important sentence of this article coming now: Find a fast and reliable server to settle in. Decrease down time. Nobody wants to tolerate an unreliable website. If your server downs a lot, and you can’t explain this server matters, people will give you a new nickname: Impassive.

Who would want to visit a website which has an impassive owner who doesn’t care about his own nest? Yeah, nobody.

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