How I Work:
Nedad Memić

How I Work:<br /> Nedad Memić

Nedad is a linguist from Bosnia – Herzegovina and the Editor-in-chief of the Vienna-based monthly KOSMO mag. This is how he works!

1. Where did you graduate? What is your current job title?

I completed my undergraduate studies in German and English in Sarajevo and my PhD studies in German Language in Vienna. I am an Editor-in-Chief of the monthly magazine KOSMO in Vienna now.

2. What apps and software do you use most passionately? Why?

I usually use those apps which keep me informed about different issues, so mostly Facebook and Twitter. It’s important for a journalist to be informed and to exchange information with others.

3. Do you prefer a tidy environment or a messy one? How do you organize your home and work desks? Any toys or souvenirs?

I would say I like the combination of both. My office and my home are not always very organized and tidy, and I often look for things because I don’t know where I put them. But, I think this is pretty normal and acceptable in a fast world we live in. I like souvenirs and usually bring them from every long or exotic journey I go to.

4. What is your current mobile device, computer setup and OS? Why?

I have a Sony Xperia Z3 which I got from the company I work for. I have to say I have been pretty satisfied with all Android phones I had. My laptop at home is an HP with Windows 7, but I am planning of buying a new one soon. It will probably be a Mac.

5. Are you a gamer? If so, which games do you play on your mobile / computer/gaming devices?

Actually not. I know that a lot of people like games, but I am just not into it.

6. Is there any device you can’t live without, besides your cellphone and computer?

I tried to test if I can live without a cellphone and computer, and I can. But living without a morning coffee would be much more difficult! 🙂

7. What sports or daily activities do you do better than most people?

I am a pretty devoted biker, I love to cycle for dozens of kilometers, and it makes me relaxed and helps me to shut down.

8. Are you an introvert, or an extravert?

I would say both. I used to be pretty introverted before I got into a media job. Now, I can sometimes be even too extrovert. But with private issues I still try not to be very “rampant”. 🙂

9. What time do you sleep and how long on average?

I like to sleep and I usually have to make up for the lack of sleep. I usually sleep up to 8 hours a day. Only then I feel really fit to work.

10. Tea or coffee? To keep you awake or as a pleasure? (Turks are in love with tea. So this is a hard comparison for us.)

Coffee. Funny that you mentioned Turks and tea. I am from Bosnia – Herzegovina, and we took the coffee culture from the Ottoman Turks and modified it. That’s why we sometimes call a traditional way of preparing coffee “Turkish coffee” or more common “Bosnian Coffee”. But I am definitely a huge fan of coffee and I love to taste it everywhere I go.

11. Is there anything else you’d like to add that might be interesting to our readers?

Stay positive, make friends with people from different cultures, learn new languages, educate yourselves and spread love. This is what we need in this world. 🙂


Original Photo Copyright: Aleksandar Kostić


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