April 2008 on Opereysin

April 2008 on Opereysin

We decided to make list of our Turkish posts for each months (started with March 2008), then we can enrich Opereysin English a bit.

Let’s see what we have for April 2008:

2nd April: Opereysin published a cartoon about a cat named Tekir running away from a dog named Bakir. [link]

5th April: A post about how to have an online messenger with Ajax im. Written by Victory. [link]

6th April: Seyyah-i Fakir wrote a post about selfishness the most common illness. [link]

7th April: Seven unheard characteristics of camels. [link]

10th April: An old story of people who were in a long queue to pay taxes and their conversations. [link]

11th April: Checka found out some ways to keep your seat in a crowd in a bus. [link]

14th April: We heard the news that some bees attacked to 70 polices after one of them shot heir beehive. All of the 70 polices are injured. What kind of bee were they? Opereysin researched it for us. [link]

15th April: Some writers can’t write for a few times (or maybe years). We call it “Writer’s Block”. Victory wrote how we can deal with it. [link]

16th April: Sometimes people don’t respect even themselves. Another example is shown here in a cartoon by Opereysin. [link]

17th April: A post about the necessity of education, written by Halime Gurbuz a successful columnist of Turkiye Newspaper. [link]

20th April: In Windows we can say “yes to all” when two or more same named files were overlapped in same folder. On the other hand there is no button to say “no to all”. But Victory knows how to. [link]

21st April: A post about how to edit the “MORE” tag in WordPress. [link]

22nd April: A pop quiz about some popular websites. Prepared by Victory. [link]

26th April: Victory wrote a post about how to fix the problem with the button width in IE. [link]

28rd April: A way to show how many feed subscribers you have on your website. [link]

29th April: A recommendation about which alignment we shall use on web. [link]

30th April: In this post we’ll learn how to level the colons’ heights in CSS. [link]

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