Writing is an Act of Purpose

Sheikh Ghalib, a Turkish poet who was one of the great representatives of the diwan literature, completed his Diwan in 1780, when he was just 24 years old. The owner of the famous saying, “His can’t be wrong whose life is in the right”, Alexander Pope was already and rightfully famous with his poems when he reached that age. Today, even starting a new job at that age is regarded as “a bit early”.

However when it is about writing, setting an age limit is nonsense. Sometimes the chest of the one fills till it sates. Being so exceedingly full, that gives no space in the chest to the one for breathing. No power to talk… After all, everybody knows that a human who can’t breath, can’t talk.

A sensation of denseness, a feeling of creeps grow in the chest. They won’t go away no matter what. Orhan Veli, a Turkish poet, once said, “That beautiful weathers destroyed me”. In fact, forget about weathers, these feelings destroy everyone.

Poems are the results of these creeping, twisting, hobbling feelings. Proses are the products of these sensations.

A writing is a little window to its writer’s heart. Each sentence of the writer, flies away into air from that window. Flies, until it finds another heart.

Only writing can stop the silent screams of some hearts.

That’s why, nobody can oversimplify the concept of writing. Author may accept it or not, every writing has its own story.

One can talk without a purpose, but one can not write for nothing.

Every bothered heart, has its own window. That is why “why, how, when and to whom” are usually more important than the piece of work itself.

The chemistry of writing, consists of bothering about something.

All writings have three main parts, introduction, body, and conclusion, just like the life and always give voice to some parts of the life.

Sometimes they have a purpose of giving advice. Sometimes, they have a purpose of whispering words which can’t be said.

Sometimes they are for making people happy, sometimes they are for the writer’s happiness. Sometimes they intend to disagree, sometimes they intend to make peace.

But they are never without purpose. Never…

Because writing is an act of purpose.

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