Opereysin English

From now on, Opereysin English, a part of our website aims to be a nice source for our visitors who don’t know Turkish, is online. We are only listing posts which are in English category of Opereysin.com here. Of course Opereysin English’s content is generating by the Opereysin writers.

You will see a word on some posts, under the title, beside the date and writer’s name:

ML – This post has been published in two languages as Turkish and English.
Eng– This post has been published only in English.

EngML– This post is in English but Turkish version of it is also published.
TrML- This post is in Turkish but English version of it is also published.

The posts which haven’t got any abbr., are only available in Turkish.

I don’t want to see this alert at the top of your pages!
Calm down. You must add Turkish language to your language preferences on your browser. That’s the only way which we can understand that you know Turkish.

There is no alert anymore 🙂

Bu yazının Türkçe’sini okuyabilirsiniz.


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