New Design, new WordPress version

New Design, new WordPress version

Wow… It was exhausting. We have designed, coded, discussed a lot in the past days. On 2nd August at around 2 am, we have shut down the web site with a notification page which really designed so “tasty”.

Links to our posts have been online since 3 am that night, but our homepage remained offline for another 4 hours. After that “Grand Opening”, we started to welcome our visitors with a brand new design. Still, I can easily smell the odor of our new design.

So, what I think about the new design? Well, my thought is not the important one –  it is yours, but I can describe it with one word: Exhilarating.

The major change except design elements was the width. With new design, we changed the width of the web site to 850 pixels (It was 780 pixels in v3). But the main text area still has the same width.

We have also upgraded our WordPress version. It’s not so easy for us to upgrade, because we have lots of modifications on the original codes.

Anyway, we did it, but let me tell you something: You can’t see significant improvements on the functionality when you compare new versions (2.8.x) with the old ones (>2.6). So don’t think that you will be surprised by it. It’s all same WordPress.

And… Guess what we saw just after the upgrade on the main admin page: A new version of WordPress is available!

Hey guys! Can’t you just slow a bit?

We can’t catch up with you!

You can click on the images below, to see our oldie v3’s homepage and dashboard designs:


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