Keeping Track of Cabinet Members’ Cellphones

Keeping Track of Cabinet Members’ Cellphones

Waow. That was interesting. You know, press mentioned the name of the US President Obama nearly always with his “Change” campaign last year and his administration’s way of using social media have been praised.

But what about the Cabinet? How do Cabinet members use technology? You can have a presumption after reading that post.

Most of the cabinet use BlackBerry as their smartphone choice, and all devices has to be left at the door before meetings begin.

So, how do they find which one belongs to which cabinet member?

Well, according to CNN, they are using the very old way as a solution:

Keeping Track of Cabinet Members' Cellphones


Hekim. Yazar, beğenirse çevirir, kod yazarak eğlenir. 2002'den beri internette yazıyor.