Amnesya Hints – Level 1-20


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  1. rick dedi ki:

    Thanks. It helped me very much.

  2. blindmonkey dedi ki:

    me too. haha

  3. tiffanyfaire dedi ki:

    i dont know how to do level 7 hahaha but it helps me a lot!!

  4. johnny dedi ki:

    I still dont see anything for question number 16, i photoshoped an all but still nothing
    can anyone just tell me it?

  5. victory dedi ki:


    You have to download 4 images. And then you have to paste them to Photoshop or any other image editing software. Note that all four images must be on different layers.

    Then decrease the opacity. (Maybe to %40) and you will see a word.

    That’s all.

  6. hunter dedi ki:

    does anyone know how to pass level 19? the “piece of wood” part?

  7. hunter dedi ki:

    nevermind.. i was too fool.. i found out

  8. Mich dedi ki:

    I still don’t get number 15 =[
    it doesn’t show up for me

    and I usually read a newspaper?

  9. hunter dedi ki:

    alrite.. here it is.. im on spiral mountain and the part im on is “thespiralroof”

    which is this 1 : 1000+101+1110+10: Binary calculation. Calculate it.

    i have no clue how to do that.. i searched google.. and everything else but i didnt get any answer

  10. victory dedi ki:


    You know decimal numeral system has ten as its base.
    Binary numeral system has 2 as its base.

    1000 in binary is 8 in decimal. Also 101 equals to 5, 1110 equals to 14 and 10 equals to 2 in decimal. Sum up the decimals and convert it using this tool to binary.

    You will find the answer.

  11. calzzone dedi ki:

    i can’t do level 20 because my printer won’t work. i cna’t believe i got so far …. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

  12. victory dedi ki:


    You don’t need a printer for it. Just press “Print screen” button on your keyboard and paste it into a graphic editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.

    Then zoom in to image.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

  13. jithialle dedi ki:

    idk where to get my password.. im having a headache but i still want to answer.. can anyone teach me how to get my password.. thanks.. would appreciate it vry much..

  14. jithialle dedi ki:


  15. victory dedi ki:


    Which level?

  16. jithialle dedi ki:

    waaaa! on lvl 18.. i dont know what to do. T_____T pls help me.. thanks.. 🙁

  17. victory dedi ki:

    If you don’t know how to get these binary codes, just look at the lights. They resemble binary codes. When a light is on, the binary code is 1 and when it is off, the binary code is 0. You will take 8 in a row like 01101111 for each light.

    If you don’t know how to get the answer, use that hint: It’s a 5 letter word. You should find a character to binary list and find the binaries we wrote on second hint. We have mixed the characters’ order. The word starts with an S.

  18. jithialle dedi ki:

    oh! i got it i got it.. thanks a lot! 😀 i did not get it at first, i just kept on typing the same words.. and i thought i am supposed to add another S at the start of the word.

  19. Kunal dedi ki:

    i cant get over level 19.. total’s up to 11101.. what next..
    just give me the link to next level.. i’m fed up.. Going bald.. AAAARRRRRghhh

  20. Shade dedi ki:

    Im stuck at level 18… i calculated the binary and…


    what i got is sonset i tried sonset.htm sunset.htm onset.htm unset.htm onsets.htm unsets.htm but nothing worked… please tell me whats wrong…


  21. silvie dedi ki:

    @ shade

    SPOILER Level 18

    The word has only 5 letters.
    It starts with “s”

  22. bananas dedi ki:

    i don’t understand why I need to change the computer’s time for #20. And what do I change it to? I’m really confused.

  23. javous dedi ki:

    arkadaşım biz amnesya level 49 daki kelime oyunundan birşey çıkartamadık,,bir fikrin varmı???????

  24. jungzen dedi ki:

    Am on level 19 littlealien, have entered the correct solution, the alien moved but then the screen just stuck there. Is it not supposed to move to the next screen? Please help.

  25. victory dedi ki:


    Just click to the road. You will go through.

  26. jungzen dedi ki:

    hi victory, thanks so much for your fast reply, i got it now, so happy!

  27. jungzen dedi ki:

    I am stumped again on level 20 (: Took print screen, and save it with Paint. Zoomed the sun, but couldn’t find any words. How do I suppose to do this?

  28. jungzen dedi ki:

    Never mind, past level 20, stuck on 39 now.

  29. Omni dedi ki:

    stuck on level 19 on the runes, translated it to senur deppiz

  30. Andrew dedi ki:

    senur deppiz backwards: zipped runes
    What does this mean?

  31. victory dedi ki:

    Which part of the 19th level? I remember that there was a text area that you can write in it and when you fill it with correct words, the road would be open.

    Have you tried this method?

    1 1/2 years passed, i forgot some parts of it. If you can’t do it, just give us the link of the level you have stuck and let us look for it again.

  32. victory dedi ki:


    Sorry for late reply. Change your computer’s time to 21 December. Why? I don’t know. Game wants it like that 🙂

  33. Helpless dedi ki:

    i have no idea how to solve deg – cab = could you please help me?

  34. Helpless dedi ki:

    nvm got it

  35. IvanCHua dedi ki:

    Want the walkthrough in level 5??…

    first look at the URL and change the 05-hair/ to 06-Tracks/……

  36. yumi dedi ki:

    what’s the solution for level 19? i got stuck here like forever!!.. please help.. :((

  37. victory dedi ki:


    In which part did you stuck?

  38. kaycee dedi ki:

    geez, can somoenone help me with level 9? `m feeling so dumb right now; I got all the four letters, yet I cannot seem to spell a name trough it.

  39. tt dedi ki:

    I am stuck on 15 I just found : I usually read a newspaper. but I dont know what can I do with this.pls helppp 🙁

  40. Tommy L. dedi ki:

    I’ve been looking around for articles similar to this but never found one that actually was valuable such as this. Glad I found this place!

  41. Kiisu dedi ki:

    Please help me on lvl 19. I’ve tried soo much and i’m tired. just give me te solution. or the next levels link. Thanks! 🙂

  42. belts dedi ki:

    help in level 19 please…i dont know where to start..

  43. Insomnia with Amnesya dedi ki:

    Please help me I do not know how to place the red marbles on Level 19. PLEASE!

  44. dene dedi ki:

    Hi there. Can anyone give me a hand with 08 measures please. Ive been stuck on this for a long time an can not figure it out.

  45. rhain dedi ki:

    level 17 plsss helppp

  46. hammer dedi ki:


    I feel stupid because i can’t get past level 11. i tried every place… PLEASE just tell me the answer… i’v been here for like 6 days…

  47. hehehe dedi ki:

    Actually, for those who are stuck at Lvl 8(And I was one of them), you don’t have to go for the answer. Just Cheat!!!!

    Hint: What’s the next lvl’s name??

  48. jell_12 dedi ki:

    plsss helpp level 11

  49. me dedi ki:

    level 8 measures , see the size on the disk of the three pictures when you save it 🙂

  50. me dedi ki:

    im stuck on 11 Art.. 🙁

  51. cjjkrenzbgt dedi ki:


    Hints: 5 word, start with S
    If you move one by one, you’ll found it 😀

    Now stucked on the alien things. zipper runes wont helped me 😀

  52. Evan dedi ki:

    For all of you stuck on level 11, heres a good hint. type in yellow house on wikipedia. look for the place where the painting is based in. hope i help 😀

  53. nyawwww dedi ki:

    help!! what’s the answer on level 15??

  54. Jeff dedi ki:

    what is the answer in lvl20 ? HELP !

  55. jenn dedi ki:

    help me in level 12.
    it said that the processor of commodore 64 is the answer. and its processor is mos 6510. so what?? i type it. and i didn’t get the right thing. haha help me please. thanks!

  56. Slaeb dedi ki:

    I made it to lvl 26 a year ago and had a it as a short cut on my favories.. but now i cant remember the username and password to get to lvls 21-30. any help please?

  57. bob dedi ki:

    Can someone help me with lvl 15 please. I’ve been working on it for days now. I’m totally lost and have tryed everything. Plz

  58. rodnnova dedi ki:

    What date am I supposed to change my computer on level 20? december 21… ?
    What happens then?

  59. rodlav dedi ki:

    Could someone help on level 20?
    I changed the date on my computer and nothing happened at all…
    not sure if did it right though.

  60. hikaruuio dedi ki:

    i did not get the answer for lv 13..
    i know that katakana is one of japanese writings and the picture is written in kanji which means natsumi and summer beauty when translated in english.. so the question is how to i put all that info into one so i can get the right answer for the riddle hahahah im so frustrated right now.. anyone who can help?? thanks!!

    thanks for the hints yazının Türkçe’sini okuyabilirsiniz.!

  61. don kepweng dedi ki:

    im stuck in lvl 19!!! so embarassing!!! need HELP.

  62. grace dedi ki:

    For level 15, it says “I usually read a newspaper” but after that I don’t know what to do? You said that the last one works but I don’t understand what that means I can’t view it!! Help?

  63. Em dedi ki:

    Ok I’m really confused, I know i sound stupid but how do i put in the answer. Im on level 5 and i cant figure it out

  64. OMG! dedi ki:

    …. For some reason I’m stuck on one….I suck at this

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